Why Roofing? Learn a Trade and Become a Roofer

Learning a trade like roofing is an excellent way to improve your career prospects and develop a sought-after skill. Roofing requires specialized knowledge and a trained skill set, increasing the demand for people who know the trade. When you train to become a roofer, you will most likely gain experience and secure a job without having costly student debt hanging over your head. 

Learn about some of the reasons to start a roofing career. 

Gain Knowledge on the Job 

When it comes to roofing, you gain industry knowledge from direct experience. Since roofing is a physical job, the initial training stages will involve various practical activities, from calculating roof measurements to developing methods of laying down the material. You will also have plenty of opportunities to pick up other skills as your career develops and gain the necessary expertise to complete various projects. 

Enjoy the Outdoors

Roofing is not a typical 9 to 5 job, providing you with plenty of flexibility. Roofers get to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful views when working as opposed to being couped up in an office. Whether it is on top of office buildings or residential properties, you will reap the mental and physical benefits of being outside and breathing in the fresh air. 

Career Opportunities and Job Security

Roofs are essential for any form of building that provides shelter, from homes to businesses. They serve a significant function in creating a barrier between the interior of a property and the exterior world, protecting the property from the elements. However, roofs will always need to be repaired, maintained or replaced to function correctly. 

Since roofing projects require skilled roofers to ensure durability and safety, roof services will always be in demand. The roofing industry is also seeing a potential increase in job openings due to the retiring labor force creating a gap of skilled workers that need to be filled.  

Teamwork and Satisfaction 

Working on major roofing projects often involves a decent amount of teamwork. As a roofer, you may need to collaborate with other individuals and share responsibilities to ensure that the work is done effectively. This provides opportunities to develop good communication and build long-lasting relationships with your roofing team. 

When you have successfully completed a project, you will often find a sense of satisfaction from the job. Roofing can be a gratifying job as you get to see the fruits of your labor in a practical sense. It lets you know how you transform deteriorating structures into new roofing systems that offer adequate protection and appeal. 

Start Your Roofing Career With Tridom Roofing

Roofing is a demanding yet highly rewarding career choice. At Tridom Roofing, we have several roofing opportunities to help you hone your skillset and develop your roofing career. We are looking for individuals who share our core values and are driven by delivering innovative results to join our team. 

If you’re ready to start a long-lasting career working with a dedicated team, look at our available positions