What to Do After a Hail Storm
The Crucial Steps to Protect Your Home

In the aftermath of a hail storm, safeguarding yourself, your family, and pets is paramount. Avoid venturing outdoors until conditions are safe, watching out for hazards like downed power lines and debris. While securing your home may seem beneficial, it’s best to entrust this task to professionals.

Crucial Steps to Take

  1. Remain Calm: Don’t panic amidst the chaos. Keeping a level head allows for clearer decision-making.

  2. Prioritize Safety: Ensure the safety of your household by staying indoors until it’s safe to assess the situation.

  3. Check for Interior Damage: Inspect ceilings and walls for signs of water leaks or moisture intrusion. Stains or discoloration indicate potential roof damage requiring immediate attention.

  4. Visual Exterior Assessment: Examine your property for damage, both inside and out. Conduct a thorough visual inspection of your roof, looking for dented or missing shingles, cracks, or punctures.

My Roof is Damaged - Now What? What to Do If You Have Storm Damage

If you suspect storm damage to your home, take immediate action with these steps:

  1. Schedule a Damage Assessment: Arrange for a professional assessment to evaluate the extent of the damage.

  2. Secure Your Property: Prevent further damage by covering broken windows, placing buckets, and tarping damaged roof areas to avoid water intrusion.

  3. Capture Evidence: Take photos of visible damage for insurance claims and repair consultations.

  4. Protect Valuables: Safeguard your belongings by moving them to a secure location.

  5. Contact Homeowners Insurance: Notify your insurance provider promptly to initiate the claims process.

  6. Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection: Reach out to a local roofer like the experts at Tridom Roofing for inspection and repair services.

Storm damage to your house can be overwhelming, but you're not alone.

Lean on The Experts

Tridom Roofing is here to help you navigate the aftermath of severe weather. Our experienced team will swiftly assess the damage and provide reliable solutions to restore your home’s integrity. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Expert Assessment

Our certified roofing experts will meticulously inspect your roof and residence to pinpoint storm-related damage.

Transparent Communication

We’ll keep you informed throughout the repair process, explaining the extent of the damage and outlining our recommended solutions.

Quality Repairs

With extensive experience in residential roofing, we guarantee durable repairs. Our adept roofers can provide temporary solutions like tarping damaged areas or securing loose materials to prevent further harm during the storm.

We'll Manage Your Insurance

Let us handle the hassle of dealing with homeowners insurance claims. We’ll represent you to the insurance company, ensuring a low stress and seamless process for you.

At Tridom Roofing, we're committed to helping Texas homeowners safeguard their homes against storm damage. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection and take the first step towards protecting your home and ensuring its longevity.

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