8 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters 

Besides adding a decorative element to the exterior of your home, gutters play an important role in protecting it from mold, mildew and other types of water damage. Gutters are responsible for carrying water from the roof to the downspouts and directing it away from the structure of your property. 

Knowing how to identify warning signs of gutter failure is vital to stay ahead of necessary replacements and preventing further damage to your property. 

When Should You Replace Your Gutters?

Here are eight signs you might need a gutter replacement: 

1. Cracks 

Small cracks are usually not an issue and can be fixed with repairs, but they tend to go unnoticed. When small cracks are left unaddressed, they lead to significant damage. Cracks on gutters allow water to leak into the structure of your property, damaging fascia, roofing materials and the foundation. 

2. Standing Water 

The presence of standing water in areas where gutters may overflow indicates that they are not working properly. The pools of water can be caused by clogging or a more complex issue that may only be fixed through gutter replacement. 

3. Sagging 

When gutters sag, they pull away from the house and create space for water to flow behind them or over the edge. Sagging is usually caused by improper water draining and can lead to basement flooding or foundational damage. 

4. Areas of Rust 

Long-term exposure to rainwater leads to the formation of rust on gutters. Areas of rust on your gutters are a clear sign the material is aging and needs to be replaced. 

5. Peeling Paint 

The paint on your gutters is supposed to withstand wear and tear. If you notice peeling paint, it may signify continuous standing water, and your gutters may be reaching the end of their life span. 

6. Erosion 

Water that constantly pools in your yard due to gutter failure can cause the soil to wash away. This leads to soil erosion, and the water can also seep through any basements or crawl spaces and erode the foundation of your structure. 

7. Overflowing Water 

You may need a gutter replacement when water spills out on the sides of the gutters while still being channeled through the downspouts. Various issues can cause overflowing water, from having gutters that are too small to improper installation.

8. Mold 

Mold on the exterior of your home or the gutters could indicate excess moisture around the affected areas. An issue with the gutters could be the cause. 

How Long Do Gutters Last?

The life span of gutters varies depending on the type of material, installation and maintenance. On average, gutters have a life span of decades, but more durable materials like copper can last even longer than standard variations. Proper upkeep should help keep your gutters in good condition and functioning properly. 

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Contact Tridom Roofing to Replace Your Gutters

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