How to Prepare for a Residential Roof Replacement: 8 Things You Need to Know

When you need a new roof, Tridom Roofing makes residential roof replacement a hassle-free and seamless process. However, there are also some safety measures you can take before the project begins.  

1. Relocate Vehicles Away From the Work Area

When performing a residential roof replacement, technicians need space to load tools, materials, and other things required for the project. It is best to give roofers access to the parking space since it is closest to your home. Removing your vehicles from the work area will also prevent any possible damage to them. 

2. Protect Belongings in the Attic 

The attic is most susceptible to collecting dust and debris during a roof replacement. If you have valuable items stored in the attic, cover them before the roofers begin working to keep them clean. If the items are fragile, moving them to a different room can ensure they don’t get broken. Our team is happy to help with this process if needed!

3. Remove Antennas or Satellite Dishes

You will want to remove antennas or satellite dishes on or near your roof before the roof replacement. Call your satellite provider about performing the removal before the project starts and a reinstallation once the roof replacement is complete. If the antennas or satellite dishes are no longer in use, and you do not want them re-installed after the work is completed,  please inform one of our team members before we start so we can figure out the best route to take.

4. Prune Trees and Cut Grass

If you have low-hanging trees near your roof, consider getting the branches removed or trimmed before construction takes place. Since tree trimming can be unsafe, Tridom Roofing can trim the trees for you using the right equipment and safe processes. Ask our team what is the best option for your home. 

Cutting the grass before the project makes it easier to spot fallen debris and clean your premises. 

5. Think About Kids and Pets

The work that occurs during a residential roof replacement can produce a lot of noise, which may be disruptive to kids and pets. The work area can also be unsafe for them. Communicate with your kids about staying clear of the work area and be cautious about letting pets in the yard.  However, kids and pets might have difficulty understanding the danger, so you might consider taking your kids and pets to spend time with a family member or friend until the roof replacement is complete. 

6. Clear Out the Yard

When preparing your home for a roof replacement, it is essential to remove any belongings and clear your yard. This will protect belongings like patio furniture, kids’ toys, plants/pots or anything valuable from getting damaged during construction. It will also ensure the safety of the roofers as they work. Our team can assist with moving items out of the work area

7. Remove Wall Decorations

During a roof replacement, there might be vibrations produced by the hammering on the roof. The vibrations can travel through the walls, especially ones directly below the roof. Remove wall decorations such as pictures and mirrors to prevent them from falling and breaking. 

8. Tell Your Neighbors 

Talk to your neighbors about the roof replacement ahead of time so they can also make preparations or change their schedules if necessary. 

Completed clay tile roofing on residence

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