5 Signs Your Roof Might Need to Be Replaced

A roof is an important structure of any home. However, the various factors your roof is exposed to over the years create enough wear and tear that your roof will eventually need to be replaced. Here are five signs your roof might need a replacement. 

1. Leaks

A roof leak can be a clear indicator that you need a residential roof replacement. If you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, your roof might have a leak. Various issues can cause roof leaks, one reason being moisture damage from improper installation. It is important to get residential roofing repair or replacement as soon as you detect leakage to avoid further damage to your property. 

2. Loose Roofing Materials

As your roof ages, some roofing materials can come loose from wear and tear. Loose roofing materials can also be a result of impact damage from severe weather events. If you notice large areas of loose roofing, it can be a sign that you need a new roof or have storm damage. 

3. Unevenness or Soft Spots

The uneven appearance of your roof can be caused by moisture damage to the decking, which is the support structure that holds up the roof. When you have improper ventilation in your attic, leaks or damaged roofing materials that allow water to seep through roofing layers, the decking can absorb the moisture. If the issue is not addressed, the decking can eventually rot or warp, creating soft and uneven spots on your roof.  

If your roof has visible dipping, sagging or curving, you will want to have a professional roofer look at the issue and determine if a roof replacement is the best solution. 

4. An Increase in Energy Bills

Your roofing system plays a role in regulating the temperature in your home. As the roof ages or when it sustains damage, it becomes less effective at insulating your home. Your damaged roof will allow heat to escape during winter and hot air to come in during summer, leading to increased energy usage and higher bills. 

If you start noticing a significant increase in your energy bills, it might indicate you have a damaged or aging roof that needs to be replaced.

5. Old Age 

Roofs are built to be durable, but with constant exposure to the elements and other factors, they can lose their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time. Roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years or more depending on the materials, quality, installation and other factors. If you suspect your roof is nearing the end of its life span, it is likely time for a replacement. 

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