Our Products 

Quality products are just as important as quality service. Even with the best roofing installation, inferior products will not last long without leaking. Tridom has conducted a significant amount of time researching roofing manufacturers who provide a level of quality we can have confidence in. After much painstaking research, we have hand selected the following manufacturers:

Our Suppliers

Tridom Roofing believes in long lasting relationships built on trust, with our customers and our suppliers. Our hand picked suppliers allow us to provide the level of quality and customer service that we pride our reputation on. Our suppliers deliver more than quality products we can count on, they bring a willingness to meet the most demanding schedules and requests to accommodate all our residential and commercial roofing projects. Whether the project is a shingled roof, metal roof or a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing system, we rely on our suppliers for consistent, quality products.