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Tile Roofing Repair & Installation With Tridom

Why You Should Select Tridom For Your Tile Roofers

clay tile roofing repair and installationTile roofing can last as long as 50 years when it is installed correctly and adequately maintained. While there are different options when it comes to tile roofing Tridom can offer professional and quality service to them all.

Along with their longevity tile roofs come with many benefits including being more fire resistant than some traditional roofing types.

Tridom has worked hard to restore consumer faith in the roofing industry by providing service organized through thoughtful company processes and leading systems in the roofing industry.

We aim to be the go to repair and installation roofers for the city of San Antonio.

Types of Tile Roofing:









Tile Roof Installation

If you are looking for a new roof tile might be the right choice for you. Tile roofing is one of the most versatile roofing options. Tiles can be installed in a wide arrange of materials, shapes, colors and sizes to match the design and style of your home.  Tiles roofs not only have a long shelf life they are also easier to maintain than other types of roofs.

Selecting tile for your new roof is a great investment and you want a roofer who knows how to do it right. You can rely on Tridom Roofing to install your new roof properly. Our team of licensed and staffed roofing contractors is kept up to date on the most recent building codes and roofing requirements in San Antonio. You’ll know your roof was installed correctly and safely after a certified inspector completes our 18-point on site inspection.

Tile Roof Repair

Over your roof’s life, it is bound to need repairs. Roofing repairs should be done sooner rather than later. If the damage is left unrepaired, there can be dangerous and expensive consequences.  Tridom works to help your family and home stay safe and comfortable with a functional roof. Our team of licensed roofers will perform a thorough inspection of your roof and diagnose any areas in need of repair or replacement.

Are you in need of tile roof repair or installation? Call Tridom Roofing to schedule your inspection or get an estimate.