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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Business’ Roof

business roof replacementDuring its life, chances are you will need to do some repairs to your roof. At some point, an entire roof replacement might be necessary. While a professional roof inspection will let you know if it is time for you to get a new commercial roof here are a few signs that you may notice:

  • Countless leaks in the roof
  • Moisture has reached the insulation
  • Moisture is trapped in between the layers of the roof
  • The age of the roof
  • The roof is out of code
  • Roof is a danger to people inside or passersby

Why Use Tridom For My Commercial Roof Replacement?

Tridom Roofing was founded with the mission of creating an unmet need in the roofing industry. The founders wanted to restore the confidence of the public in roofing contractors. For too long customers have had to deal with inaccurate quotes, overly delayed job completion dates and subpar customer service.
You can rely on the team at Tridom. We keep our technicians licensed and educated on the most recent changes in roofing codes and laws. The roofers at Tridom work hard to maintain a reputation focused on quality service, quality and safety. All our jobs end with an 18-point final inspection and our supervisors are active in the field on the job.

As a small business, we understand how having to take time off of your business or close up shop can be hard financially. At Tridom we do our best to complete quality jobs in a timely fashion and keep you informed about the project progress and expected expenses.

Tridom offers commercial and residential roofing repair, replacement and installation to the San Antonio Community. If you think it may be time for a roof replacement contact the experts at Tridom Roofing to schedule your estimate and inspection today.