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Why Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repair Matters

business roof maintenanceDo you have a roof maintenance plan? As a commercial building owner or manager, it’s important to keep your commercial roof in good shape to protect your business or the businesses of your tenants. There are a lot of potential things that can damage your roof and proper maintenance and a quick repair can prevent them from getting out of hand and turning into extremely costly or dangerous repairs.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Surface erosion

Roof damage caused by the surface of the roof by wearing away.


Signs of damage that penetrates the roof. These can be caused by falling debris, extreme weather and even foot traffic.

Roof Leaks

Deep openings and cracks in the roof that allow water to get into the inside of the building.


Shrinking takes place the membrane that coats roofing materials start to shrink. This layer is created to help protect the roof from severe temperatures.

Ponding Water

Water that pools and sits on the roof for a period longer than 48 hours.


When a roof is not properly attached to all areas of the roof certain parts can detach, “tent,” billow or blow up.

Improper Repairs

If the roof has undergone any repairs that weren’t completed corrected it’s easy to for damage to occur. There are many important steps in proper roof repair and any single step done incorrectly or neglected can lead to more damage than the original repair was meant to fix.

Improper Installation

Just like roof repair, roof installations must be done correctly or they can cause roof corruption. The way a roof is installed can be the difference between it lasting 20 years or 5.

What Is Proper Roof Maintenance?

When it comes to your roof, it’s important to perform regular maintenance to prevent damage and spot potential dangers. By having a professional regularly inspect your roof you can:

  1. Notice existing signs of damage
  2. See potential areas of risk
  3. Implement protection and preventative measures

Having an annual inspection by a professional is the best way to make sure your maintenance is dependable. Additionally, having someone on staff to look for signs of damage after extreme weather or temperature changes is an excellent way to keep your roof safe and your business running.

Tridom is happy to provide San Antonio with commercial and residential roofing maintenance, repair and installation. Call Tridom Roofing to schedule your inspection or get an estimate.