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The 5 Most Common Roof Repairs

San Antonio common roof repairs

When it comes to common roof repairs, the team at Tridom Roofing runs across a lot of unique problems. From a simple roof leak to a fallen tree that has caused a puncture, our team of residential roof repair experts has been there. Take a look at the following common roof repairs we’ve come across and what you can do to get your home’s roof back in working order. Common roof repairs Faulty installation Unfortunately, faulty roof installations are not unheard of in San Antonio. Depending on your contractor, they could use low-quality materials. While these materials are cheap, they...

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The 3 Most Popular Roof Styles in Texas

Metal Roof San Antonio

The quality of roofing materials for a roof and the roof styles in Texas is something homeowners must take into consideration. With the extreme heat from the summer sun, it’s not unheard of for temperatures to reach anywhere from 100 to a scorching 120 degrees. So what is the go-to style choice for roofing companies in Texas? As roofing standards rise each year alongside the heat, options have expanded. Read on to discover what the three most popular roof styles are in the state of Texas. Roof styles in Texas 1. Shingles roofs The most popular and least expensive roofing...

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Tridom Roofing Moves to San Antonio

San Antonio Roofing Contractors

We’re happy to announce the relocation of our headquarters to San Antonio, TX. After bringing exceptional roofing services and customer service to the residents of Houston for many years, we are excited to expand to the Alamo City. While our location may have changed, our dedication to uncompromising quality has not. Now located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Tridom will continue to deliver outstanding roofing services in a consistent and reliable manner. You can expect the highest quality of work, materials and customer service with each and every roofing project we complete. We take great care in selecting...

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